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Message from the CEO 16.06.20

Dear Parents and Carers

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support for our staff and our schools at this time.  However as we are sure you are aware, schools, staff and in particular Headteachers are under a huge amount of pressure at the moment dealing with unprecedented demands in terms of expanding provision, providing home and in-school learning, and keeping our students and staff safe.  Our focus as educators is to provide the very best learning and safe environment for your children, and our staff are working incredibly hard in new and unprecedented situations to ensure that this  continues to happen.

We always appreciate feedback and questions from parents, however at this most demanding time as we open more widely to students, it has proved very difficult for our staff to deal effectively with the volume of communication that has been sent to us.  If of course you have specific concerns about your child or an aspect of their learning please do continue to let us know, however we would like to respectfully ask that you consider whether your comments, suggestions and queries are absolutely necessary at this time or whether they might wait until things are more settled and schools have been able to have some time to deal with the current pressures and workloads. 

We will of course review all emails and communication that is sent to us, however for the time being we have taken the decision that any comments, suggestions and queries that are not urgent may well not be immediately responded to individually.  The priority of all of our staff is to spend time with our students and to keep them safe and learning.  So unless you have a specific and urgent concern regarding an aspect of learning please do consider whether you need to email or phone in.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and for your support for our children and our staff at all of our GGLT schools.

Yours faithfully

Sarah Baker


Parents & Carers - If you have any concerns or queries about educating your children at home Click HERE