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E-safety at home

​Children may now be accessing some of their learning online and using increasing technology as a form of socialising and communication. We feel it is more important than ever to ensure we are still educating our children about both the benefits, and potential dangers, of the internet. 

The website below is sharing fortnightly home resource packs (15-30 mins of input) for children to work through with an adult and we felt these would be a useful resource to look at and discuss with your child if time allows. As the website states, new packs will be released fortnightly so do remember to keep re-visiting!


As a reminder, you can help to keep your children safe online by having parental controls set up and monitoring what they are accessing online. Advice and information on how to do this can be found here: 



At Ashton Vale Primary we take E-safety very seriously. This page explains how we teach E-safety and has ideas for parents to follow up at home. We follow the SMART rules to make sure we stay safe when using the internet. Please read on to find links to sites that can help children and parents with E-safety.
Parents - please download the relevant leaflet below about internet safety for ideas on how to make sure your child remains safe online.